Know us

INSIGNIA ENERGIA is presented how an electric marketer what starts to operate in the Spanish electric market in 2013, having the order number R2-495 of the NCMM (National Commission of Markets and Competition).

We sell electric energy to particulars and companies, focused specially in companies with medium use (SMEs with tariffs 2.0A, 2.1A, 3.0A y 3.1A), and big counts of tariffs 2.0A like AAFF, complete buildings, Hostels, etc.ÔÇŽ

We introduce a product based in very competitive prices inside the electric market, which can get thanks to a flexible structure and of minor size what the traditional marketers of the big sector companies, as well as a proximity to the customer that allows us to adjust to the maximum to his necessities and possibilities, adapting the offered services to the specific activity of the customer.

Why choose us?

  1. Our company is appropriately┬áauthorized to the commercialization of electric energy in the national market and complying with all of the requirements demanded and regulated in the articles 46 and 47 of the law 24/2013 to 28 of December and accredit the economic capacity in RED ELECTRICA ESPA├ĹOLA SA, as operator of the system and before the IBERIAN POLO ESPA├ĹOL SA market operator. (OMIE).
  2. We are not going to introduce ourselves and ask that you hire with us saying that we are the best in the energy sector, which is the typical thing that is said, but we can say what in our work and with our customers we are the number ONE about seriously, integrity and technic-commercial service.
  3. Another guarantee of our seriously for our customers is what ALL our personal belongs and are in the INSIGNIA ENERGY structure, as more than 90% of the stockholders are integrated within the company workforce, that make us have a great responsibility and good do with our clients.
  4. We solve any questions or problems you may have in a simple, clear and direct way with custom-made specialized and integrated within the structure of the company.
  5. We sell and we can attend all related to electric energy for SMEs and big companies, (big consumers) as well as for homes-residential.
  6. WE OFFER a clear and simple facture, so that we know all what we paid is within the contracted.
  7. ALL our services and manages what we realize for our consumers are without charge, included what we made in the ELECTRIC MARKETER of the zone, with this INSIGNIA ENERGIA brings a savings in the facture.