Social Responsability

INSIGNIA ENERGIA adopted since its creation a socially responsible attitude, trying to promote and collaborate in the improvement of the Spanish society.

For this purpose, exercises its corporate social responsibility through the collaboration and support to NGOS, foundations, associations and social organizations which exercise activities are focused  at the improvement of the Spanish society.

Through cooperation agreements, transfers of use and sponsorships, we contribute to promote the actions carried out by these groups.

Currently we collaborate with:


A track for more than 60 NGOS.

Rastro Solidario is a non governmental organization for the development organizations (NGDOS)Three people with illusion and love in July 2011 launched a platform of #Fundraising collective, to provide financial resources to the maximum number of NGOS possible.

Its mission is to provide economic resources to NGOS, foundations and associations working for the welfare and development of the most disadvantaged groups through social enterprises that involve an economic benefit, social benefit and environmental benefit: the Triple B of our “Economy of values”.

You can learn more about the activities and work on its website:

RSC ÔÇô Lazarus

“Proyecto Lazarus, lev├íntate y anda” is a non-profit organization whose sole aim is to promote research for the cure of the spinal cord injury. For these reason we have decided to promote, assist and cooperate in the different research and therapies aimed at healing, improvement or repair of damage in the spinal cord, either by trauma, disease or of any other nature, so that they can be applied in people.

Insignia Energia, as part of its corporate social responsibility, fully supports the initiative of Proyecto Lazarus, contributing to their cause through collaborations between both entities and to promote the dissemination of its activity, as well as inviting to all your customers to participate in the same.

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